Since 1997 we have refurbished, repaired, renewed, conserved and restored approximately one hundred individual Swan, Baltic, Hallberg-Rassy, Sweden Yacht and other high end yachts. Many of our customers return to our yard year after year, after being familiarised with the trustworthiness, the quality of our work and the level of know-how.

Boats that we have maintained include:

Several S36 and S36 – S&S, S371, S38, S39, S391, S40, S41, S411, S42, ClubSwan 42, S43 S&S, S43, S431, S44 – S&S, S44, S441, S45, S46, S47, S48 – S&S, S48, S51, S53 (1986), S53 (2005), S57 S&S, S57 RS, S59, S61, S65, S651, S68, S76.