For us, it is essential to listen to our customers and fulfil their wishes. We are highly specialised in the field, especially in conserving, restoring, renewing and repairing Nautor’s Swan and Baltic Yacht sailboats.

The life cycle of every yacht is different and is affected by many different factors, such as use, the owner’s needs and the climate the yacht is in. External factors, such as sea water salt content and UV-radiation play their part in creating a need for maintenance.

The wishes and aims of the owner guide the maintenance of a yacht. Race yachts differ from cruiser yachts in terms of both use and needs.

Most often, the required repairs focus on the motor, electricity and plumbing, pentry, comfort, interior and instruments. There might also be a need for repairing broader, more complicated damages such as hull and keel repairs, caused e.g. by a grounding. Paint jobs and renewing the teak deck are fairly common commissions.

Our skilful staff is committed to finding the best solutions for your yacht, along with the best quality craftsmen available. As a renowned repair yard, we have been working in the field for 20 years.

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